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10 Things You NEED to Pack for a Road Trip in Alaska

We love taking trips in the car. You know how Thursday rolls around and you start asking yourself “what do I feel like doing this weekend?” Our go-to answer always seems to be “let’s go for a drive.” Whether its a four-hour drive north to Denali National Park, or an hour south to arrive at the magical Portage Glacier, we find taking day trips through Alaska to be a great way to spot wildlife, explore new trails, and enjoy unparalleled views along the way.

Whenever we get ready for an adventure on the road, I make sure our ride is equipped with:

  1. Camera–for me, that’s my Canon T6i, usually paired with my Tamron 150-600mm lens for catching wildlife.
  2. Cell phone & car charger–about half the photos on my Instagram are taken with my iPhone 8+, so I make sure to keep it charged and at the ready even when there’s no service. Don’t forget the charger!!
  3. Water & protein bars–sometimes a picnic lunch, too. We are obsessed with cranberry Baked Flats as a go-to snack.
  4. Small cooler–we love our Yeti Roadie. It’s small enough to fit easily on the floorboard or backseat and it keeps everything cold all day without even adding ice!
  5. Binoculars–a must for winning the argument over whether that blob in the field is a boulder or a bear. Our current favorites are the Leupold 10×42 Acadias; they’re compact enough to slip into the glove box and tack sharp at long distances.
  6. Muck/rain boots–you just never know… they come in handy. The ones I’m currently rocking have been discontinued but when I replace them I want the extra-tall Mucks in black and tan.
  7. Map/atlas–there are places out here with -gasp- NO SERVICE. If you can remember how to read one, your map will be your best friend in no time. For Alaskan road trips, the MilePost is your best friend.
  8. Waterproof jacket–the weather can turn quickly and a proper jacket will keep you dry and warm. I love how compact my Columbia Arcadia jacket is when I have it packed away and the hood is a must for me!
  9. Music–no road trip is complete without blasting your favorite tunes! Our usual Pandora stations are  Jewel, Chris Stapleton, Neil Young and 90s Rockbut we also keep good old-fashioned CDs handy for long stretches of road without cell service!
  10. Emergency road kit–my husband loves planning and packing emergency kits. We carry this trauma kit from Everly (more geared toward hunting/backpacking adventures) and then have our own custom kit of everything from compact air compressor to flashlights and extra bandaids. Always make sure you have a proper spare tire and the tools needed to change one if the need arises. Safety first!

What are some of your must-haves for a day of adventure in the car? Share your tips below.

Until next time, happy wandering!

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  1. Alisha April 18, 2018

    You forgot the sunflower seeds 😏 We like to have some beef sticks and jerky, candy, John Denver, Eagles, and trail mix to add to that.

    • Jenn April 18, 2018 — Post Author

      So true!! We love the ranch sunflower seeds the best and we definitely like to have John Denver along for the ride every now and then πŸ˜‰

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