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Have you ever been on an amazing vacation to a fabulous place and thought to yourself, "I wish I could just live here..." Then you return home, get back into your daily grind, and that wishful thinking fades into a distant memory. But what if you did live there?? What if you moved to that blissful vacation destination??

This is basically what happened to us in 2016. We took a 6 day trip to Alaska in July, returned home and renovated our Kentucky house throughout August, listed it for sale in September, and sold it in October. As soon as the house was sold, I requested a job transfer to Anchorage, Alaska, and after 8 not-so-short months of waiting and waiting and WAITING... we finally got the call and made our move.

Moving 3,971 miles for an adventurous dream can be a little scary. And people will think you are crazy. It took a ton of planning, budgeting, and praying--but we LOVE our new life. Work is still work and we still have the same responsibilities we've always had, but these amazing surroundings make each day special and new.

We look forward to sharing more of the details of just how and why we made this move and we hope you'll follow along... perhaps to live vicariously through our stories and photos, plan an Alaskan vacation of your own, or even take the plunge and move to Alaska! No matter what your dream--whether Alaska-related or not--we hope that our story will inspire you to chase your dream down and make it real. We know you can do it.

Brandon & Jenn
Taken in January 2018 at Whittier, AK

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